This Week at Freda's Place

Wednesday at 11:30 AM SLTBook Talk:  Tell us about your most recent read! (Discussion) Read any good books lately?  Have you thrown any at the wall?  What did you love?  What did you hate?
Join us by the fire at Freda's where we'll talk books for part of an hour.  All welcome.

Wednesday at 12:30 PM SLTWriter's Activity: 642 Things To Write About Join us Wednesdays at 12:30 PM as we make our way through the writing prompts in "642 Things To Write About"  by 826Valencia.

Thursday at 11:30 AM SLTCreative Writers, Artists, Musicians Chat (Discussion) Artists of various types, from graphic designers to inworld builders to first life ballerinas, share a lot of common experience.  Let's get together and chat about life as artists inworld and out.  All welcome.

Thursday at 12:…

NINE Events This Weekend At Jezebel's and Freda's Places in SL

FRIDAY at 10:00 AM Sweet Harry and Jasmine, Dancing: Best In St. Pat's Costumes, DJ Jez Burlesque, Irish Rock, Win Lindens for Best In St. Pat's Costumes!  Trivia!

FRIDAY at 12 noon  Gorgeous Grace and Jezebel, Dancing: BEST In Leprechaun Costumes, DJ Jez Burlesque, Irish Rock, Win Lindens for BEST In Leprechaun Costumes!  Trivia!

FRIDAY at 2:30 PM Jezebel's Poolside: BEST IN GREEN BIKINI OR SWIMSUIT, DJ Jez Good Irish Beer, Prizes, Warmth in the midst of SL winter.
FRIDAY at 5:30 PM Kiss Me, I'm Not Irish! Ballroom Dancing; Formal Attire; DJ Freda
Freda isn't Irish but she often wishes she were.  Don't we all, really?  Join her for this formal celebration of St…

642 Things To Write About -- Wednesdays at 11 am SLT

Join us weekly as we make our way through the writing prompts in "642 Things To Write About"  by 826Valencia.

Writers' and Readers' Chat Tuesday at 1 PM SLT


I'm Baaa-aaack!

After a season of rest, I'm back to work and writing in virtual worlds!  This new tale is a prequel, which will focus on Ermengarde's friendship with Fira, a blue dragon, and her quest for the one thing her father says he most wants, a star of his own.  In this story, the princess is just 14 years old but already a formidable young woman obviously destined for greatness. 

I've begun creating settings and character portraits.  Here are a couple of those portraits, just to whet readers' appetites for fantasy.

Farewell To An Inspiration

I am broken-hearted to learn of the loss of one of the metaverse's poetical stars, Serene Bechir.  It was Serene who inspired me and encouraged me to start writing again after years away from the craft and  it was Serene who showed me how a virtual girl can make a real life from her poems.  I am so glad that her voice can be heard still on YouTube and elsewhere.  She was well-known for her improve poems. The video above is from 2011.  I did not make the video and was not present for the performance.  I am so glad it can be seen now, after she is lost. 

It's Going To Be a Hot Weekend at BabbleOn! Nights in Kitely!

The Dynamic Diva Ceci Dover Friday at 2 PM PST
Freda's Romance Saturday at 5 PM PST
Smooth Blues with MadMax Huet Saturday at 6 PM PST
Sizzling Songbird Nazirah Avro Saturday at 7 PM PST
All at BabbleOn! Nights Ballroom and Cabaret Babble Arts Center Kitely Arts Center
Choose "Ballroom" from the teleporter in the welcome area.